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In the Loupe

In this video, Nirav Patel, MD, of Boston University resects a Spetzler-Martin Grade 3, ruptured arteriovenous malformation in a patient who had a history of a remote rupture and surgery years prior.


Evidence-based Medicine: What We Have Done for More Than a Century

In this issue’s Editorial License, Editor Michael Schulder, MD, FAANS, asserts that many important medical, including neurosurgical, innovations occurred without a basis in what is now called “evidence-based medicine.”
Consider laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Which you probably don’t do very much, unless you or someone close to you needs or has had the procedure. Those neurosurgeons of a certain age will remember, and in part trained in general surgery
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Inside Neurosurgeon

The Science of Neurosurgical Practice and Evidence-based Medicine

AANS President Robert Harbaugh, MD, FAANS, offers his perspective on how neurosurgeons can practice meaningful evidence-based medicine in real-world settings.
We are told we live in the era of evidence-based medicine, but we know we don’t collect the best evidence. We are instructed to use published guidelines for processes of care as benchmarks against which to measure our practice, but we know that adherence to these guidelines often does not improve our patients’ outcomes. We are told when to start antibiotics, when to stop antibiotics, which patient does not need an MRI
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Peer-Reviewed Research

Open Call for Papers

AANS Neurosurgeon is seeking submissions of rigorously researched, hypothesis-driven articles concerning socioeconomic topics related to neurosurgery. These papers undergo thorough double-blind peer review, and they must comport with the pertinent instructions for authors. To learn more about how to submit an article for consideration, follow this link.